Eye Glasses

We offer a large selection of frames for men, women, teens, and children from designers including; Fossil, Vera Bradley, Candies, Nautica, Smith, Guess, OVVO Optics, Ducks Unlimited and many more. We will help you to find the frame that fits your vision and lifestyle needs and expresses your style.

Ambient (Yolked) Prism Glasses

Motion sickness can be a result of mismatched information between central and peripheral vision. These visual conflicts can be greatly reduced with special glasses called ambient (yolked) prism glasses. Prism lenses are used to change the perception of where information is located and can be added to your prescription lenses.  Dr. Cummings can perform a series of tests to determine if prism glasses can help to alleviate your symptoms of motion sickness.

Low-Plus Reading/Computer Glasses

Children and adults often suffer from eye fatigue or poor comprehension when reading, due to stress of the muscles that control near focus and eye pointing.  The same thing is true when spending a lot of time in front of the computer or tablet screen. Plus-lenses help to relax the eyes and reduce the strain of the near focusing eye muscles. Symptoms can be alleviated with properly prescribed low-plus lenses determined at your vision exam.