Success Stories

New-found Confidence and Faster Reading

Before Vision Therapy: Before vision therapy I was, in a few words, slow, cautious and self-conscious. When I typed, I would look at the letter 3, maybe 4 times before typing it. My hand-eye coordination was off as was my balance. My reading was also very slow and it would take me up to 5 hours to read 100 pages. I had trouble looking people in the eye and my thought process was slow.

After Vision Therapy: My reading speed has more than doubled and I can read 100 pages in around 2 hours. I look people in the eye and my balance has grown. I catch onto what people are saying quicker, I can type while barely looking at the letters and my spelling has improved. This vision therapy has not only been a good investment physically, but has helped to build my self-esteem and ability to learn.


Tara, Age 16

Faster Reading and Fewer Headaches

Before Vision Therapy: Before doing Vision Therapy it was very difficult for me to read because my eyes weren’t working together. It made my eyes hurt and gave me headaches when I had to read for long periods of time. It always took me longer to read in class than it did for my classmates to read the same amount of material.

After Vision Therapy: Since doing Vision Therapy, it has gotten much easier for me to read. My eyes have started working together better and it has made it easier to read and it has made me a faster reader. Also, the headaches resulting from reading have decreased significantly. I almost have no headaches resulting from reading anymore.


Ben, Age 16

20 Years of Eye Alignment Problems Being Solved

Before Vision Therapy: My left eye was aligned about 30 to 40 degrees out from my right eye and line of sight. This problem started about 20 years ago and got gradually, progressively worse until about 10 years ago, when I could no longer keep my eyes aligned with minimal effort. Since then I have worn an eye patch almost daily to exercise my left eye. My right eye provided my images and sight and my left eye provided a blank image. Somehow I was able to develop depth perception with just one eye, but it was far from perfect. Doing mechanic and other detailed close work is difficult without good depth perception. Also, I noticed that people get nervous when they talk to folks with misaligned eyes. I am a geologist and work in rough terrain, and have had to be extra careful about judging slopes and distances where I walk.

After Vision Therapy: My eyes stay aligned now at least half the time without conscious effort. I now see things in stereo (I hadn’t noticed I had lost my stereo vision until I started vision therapy). I notice that when I walk over rough ground now, my balance has improved considerably. I have done some mechanic work and detailed work on one of my hobbies and noticed that the detailed work is a lot easier with two eyes. I will start going into remote mountain areas in April and expect that walking around out there will be much easier and safer. Most importantly, my grandkids will be a lot more comfortable if they are not worried about something being wrong with grandpa’s eye.

I have a set of exercises I do twice a day that align my eyes. These are coupled with stretching and lifting exercises for about 30 minutes each time. I also continue to use some of the exercise equipment Randy has given me and have some I carry in my pocket, which I use to coax my eye and brain back into alignment. When you first see trees and hills in stereo again, it is a magnificent experience.


Jim, Age 68

Don’t Dread Reading Anymore

Before Vision Therapy: My reading was ok. I would always lose my place. I didn’t like reading out loud in class.

After Vision Therapy: My reading is great! I don’t lose my place. I like reading out loud in class.


Hannah, 3rd grade

Daughter’s Reading is Dramatically Improved

Before Vision Therapy: My daughter’s fluency just wasn’t where it should be. She was motivated and working hard, but we just couldn’t figure it out. We were worried it would hurt her confidence and life long love for reading. Through Vision Therapy we found her eyes were weak at convergence and she had limited ability in peripheral vision.

After Vision Therapy: What a difference! She likes reading out loud and we have seen a huge difference in her ability to track and stay focused on the page. Her eyes are stronger and her fluency has improved dramatically.


Mark, Hannah’s father

Convergence Difficulties Remarkably Improved

Before Vision Therapy: Our six year old son was taken in for his first eye exam and it was clearly evident that he had convergence difficulties, as well as peripheral vision problems. These were manifested in various ways such as letter and number reversal, tracking problems and reading impediments.

After Vision Therapy: Dr. Cummings worked with him every week doing vision therapy and along with the prescribed home therapy, his eye problems show remarkable improvement. All of the testing displays great progress and he is reading very well. Thank you so much Dr. Cummings!



Vision Therapy changed my life…

Living with lateral strabismus (a turned eye) had always been a major frustration for me. I always felt that making direct eye contact with a person when speaking with them was crucial to establishing trust and confidence. But I was unable to tell when my eye was straight or turned because I was born with a turned eye. Then I met Dr. Randall Cummings. He showed me how my brain had learned to adjust my vision to accommodate the problem. Then he showed me several different ways to identify when my eye was turned and how I could fix it WITHOUT SURGERY. After only 3 visits, I could conduct interviews, pose for family pictures and meet my wife’s gaze straight and true. But more importantly, I have gained stereo vision capabilities I never knew I had. And that helps me do my favorite thing in the whole world…elk hunting! I never dreamed it could be possible for me. Thank you so much Dr. Cummings! North Idaho Vision Therapy has changed my life. Come SEE for yourself!

Brett, Age 33

Potlatch, Idaho